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K Rend Render Cladding Cleaning Services Before Facilities Management Cleaning

Confidence and peace of mind for at least 1 year, guaranteed.

We know your time is valuable. If we don't turn up, you get £25*.

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We only have limited time for free sample cleans each week.


Cost-Effective Roof Cleaning Solutions To Protect Your Home

A professional roof cleaning service is one of the smartest (and most cost-effective) investments you can make when it comes to home maintenance and protection solutions.

Roof cleaning promotes a healthy home both inside and out, starting with the part of the building that is most exposed to the elements but often least well cared for. Let’s face it, nobody wants to come home to the dirtiest and worst looking house in the street.

  • How much curb appeal are you missing out on with your roof in its current state?
  • Compared to your neighbours, can you notice a difference with the condition of their roof?
Moss Removal Roof Cleaning Solutions Before Facilities Management Cleaning

Stains, moss, debris and other unsightly eyesores can have a real impact, perhaps more than you realise.

But on top of the aesthetic problem, did you realise there are many more severe risks to your property if you fail to maintain your roof properly? You might even be compromising the structural integrity of your home, risking a huge financial burden further down the line if you fail to act now.

BLUE SHIELD offers a superior roof cleaning solution at a very reasonable cost for homeowners who are interested in planning more than a few weeks or months ahead.

Our chemical softwash process cleans deeply and thoroughly, doesn’t damage your roof or the rest of your home in any way, and is as safe as it is effective.

Here’s how you can take action today to protect your home – and why you’ll be glad you did.

Why pressure washing is NOT a safe roof cleaning solution

The one piece of advice we try to emphasise to all our customers is to NEVER rely on pressure washing (especially on a high setting) to blast your roof clean.

It is commonly thought of as a cheap and effective solution, but that is not strictly accurate. If you’re lucky, it will provide visible results that last for a little while, but its effectiveness is limited and – most importantly – it can be destructive to your roof!

Trusted authorities, manufacturers and associations generally advise against pressure washing, and instead recommend looking at more strategic cleaning solutions.

That’s not to say pressure washers don’t have their part to play in the overall cleaning and maintenance of your home’s exterior, and they may be acceptable for concrete or metal roof cleaning, but they should never be relied upon to forcibly strip dirt off any kind of roof tiles on the roof of your home.

What are the dangers and costs of pressure washing?

There are three key reasons why pressure washing is considered inappropriate for home roof cleaning, despite being popular and reasonably effective to the untrained eye. These main risks include:

1) It strips the top protective layer off your roof tiles along with all the dirt and moss. High-pressure jets of water are aggressive and can’t discriminate between unwanted debris or stains and delicate layers of UV protection which actually help your roof and home in good condition.

2) As your tiles get eroded by the pressure wash, they can also become more vulnerable to cracking, breaking and absorbing rainwater. It’s also not just your tiles that can be damaged, but any other fittings on your roof such as TV aerials, satellite dishes, chimneys, extractor vents and so on.

3) Perhaps the biggest problem at all is that if the organic spores are not killed (and pressure washing does not actively kill them), layers of moss and lichens are likely to grow back. In many cases, infestations will return quicker than before and grow in even thicker layers.

Because chemical softwashing (when done properly by experts like BLUE SHIELD) does not cause any of these problems, it is much safer and more appropriate for cleaning tiled roofs. Instead of using force to attack the stains and growth, a mild detergent neutralises the dirt and gently removes it while providing long-term protection against the problem recurring. Here’s a bit more insight into how it works.

How BLUE SHIELD’S softwashing process works

Low-cost roof cleaning with excellent results

Our method starts with an initial inspection to determine what the main risks to your roof may be and how best to approach the cleaning. We will almost always complete this from ground level, so you don’t have to worry about the risks and potential insurance problems associated with working from height.

After reporting back to you and ensuring our experts are fully equipped for the task, we will begin by removing any excess moss and debris from your roof with handheld extendable tools.

This gentle method ensures the majority of any bulky waste material can be safely and tidily removed before washing, otherwise there is a risk of it falling into your gutters or drainpipes and causing blockages.

Although this step alone may visibly improve the look of your roof quite drastically, it’s almost pointless if you fail to sanitise the surface afterwards because the moss will simply grow back.

That’s why we apply our softwash detergent mixture to kills the unwanted spores and bacteria. The chemical formulation eliminates colonies of organic matter, going much deeper than a water jet.

Note that our BLUE SHIELD softwash treatment does not need to be rinsed off your roof. Due to the relatively low concentration of chemicals we prefer to use, it is not hazardous and in fact should be left on the roof to ensure ongoing effectiveness and protection.

Depending on how porous your roof tiles are, it might take longer for certain types of lichens to fully disappear after being treated. Sometimes it can take up to several months for the full cleaning effect to be visible on your roof, but that is the effect of using chemicals instead of basic pressure washing.

As a result, your roof is rescued and restored before any further damage can be done!

Keeping your home healthy with roof maintenance

We recommend thinking about the health of your roof (and your entire home) in a similar way to how you would think about your own. A healthy overall lifestyle is important to prevent long-term health problems, and as the old saying goes, prevention is almost always better than the cure.

The same certainly applies in the context of home maintenance in general, especially exterior building and roof maintenance.

So how does our BLUE SHIELD method contribute to the health of your roof?

Long-term solution: Think of our roof cleaning as a treatment rather than a clean in the traditional sense of the word. You might not see a striking different immediately after your roof has been treated, because it takes time to kill and remove the organic matter that causes those tough stains on your tiles. You will, however, notice improvements continuously over the following hours, days and weeks. Most importantly, the surface then remains protected

Responsible: We’re honest about the fact that the results may not be instant, and the reason is that we use a relatively low-strength chemical solution. It’s highly effective, but no stronger than it needs to be, unlike some cleaning companies that use industrial-strength bleach because it cleans quickly without any regard for the damage it can do. Unnecessarily corrosive chemicals are dangerous and harmful, but the responsible softwashing we do at BLUE SHIELD is not the same thing!

Non-invasive: There are many ways you can accidentally damage your roof by cleaning too vigorously. Sharp manual tools can scratch and crack your tiles easily. Walking around on the roof is another great way to do this (plus that can be a home insurance nightmare). In contrast, a gentle chemical wash avoids all of these risks because the job can usually be completed safely and efficiently from ground level.

Eco-friendly: We protect your garden and plants from our roof cleaning chemicals using a simple but effective method. We generously water them beforehand, which stops them from taking on any more water when the chemicals are being used. We then rinse them down afterwards to wash away any excess residue, which we are careful to keep to a minimum in any case. We do NOT use any fertilisers or other chemicals which could interfere with your garden.

Effective spore removal: Above all, the purpose and main advantage of our method is getting rid of unwanted biological spores and growths on the roof of your home. Our expertly-developed formula eliminates, cleans and sanitises for maximum protection, not only for the outside of your home but also the interior. Getting rid of harmful spores is vital to protect the overall health of your home.

The biggest problems and risks for your roof

Why does my roof get dirty and stained?

It’s true that rainwater actually washes off most of the dust and dirt on your roof, so what exactly is left behind that causes all that staining? The vast majority is caused by the organic matter that softwash solutions are designed to remove – moss, algae and lichens that eat away at your roof and cause long-term damage.

Consider the fact that your roof is exposed to the elements all year round, more so than any other part of your house. It’s no wonder that it’s susceptible to problems, especially if you have a relatively flat roof or awkward areas where debris, water and moss are more likely to collect and settle.

What exactly are moss, algae and lichens?

Moss might look innocent, but it’s a dangerous problem for your roof. It’s a plant with a shallow root system that can secure itself onto the surface and between the cracks in roof tiles.

It loves moisture, and is a particular problem when tree branches are close to your roof because they shed organic matter that serves as food for the moss.

Algae are simple plants that come in many different varieties. They have the ability to photosynthesise and thrive in most conditions, so they often take up permanent residence on the roofs of houses.

When algae and fungi grow together, they can form lichens. Lichens are symbiotic composite organisms, or to use simpler terms: they feed off each other and thrive (while actively damaging your roof).

Why do these organisms pose a risk to my roof?

First of all, they cause those stubborn and unattractive stains. Typical algae stains are black, but this depends how much light they get. In shaded areas with more moisture, they may be lighter in colour with a blue or green hue.

Aside from being ugly, algae and moss can slowly grow between your roof tiles, separating and weakening them over time. This increases the risk of developing damp problems and leaks, which can be extremely dangerous to your roof and the structural integrity of your house.

5 reasons to use our BLUE SHIELD roof cleaning service

If you’re considering how best to manage these risks with a roof cleaning strategy, here are our top five reasons to trust BLUE SHIELD to get the job done professionally and effectively.

1) Good roof maintenance = good roof cleaning

Cleaning is the most important part of maintenance! If you’re not cleaning the exterior of your home, then you are not maintaining it. There is no better example of this than your roof.

If you consider yourself a responsible homeowner and want to protect your investment, cleaning is a top priority.

2) You might need us sooner than you realise

Even if your roof looks clean at first glance, the chances are it’s almost certainly not if you haven’t put any effort into maintaining its condition. Bear in mind that algae is only visible when it reaches an advanced stage of growth, and can’t be noticed in the early days of development – especially from the ground.

As we’ve also explained, it’s not all about looks, but perhaps more about preventing future deterioration.

3) Expert knowledge goes a long way

Although some property maintenance can be done without hiring experts, this isn’t the case with roof cleaning. Because of the specialist knowledge, equipment, time and effort required, we would never recommend taking this on yourself.

An inspection by a professional is also essential so you can take the recommended preventative measures and ensure the most appropriate cleaning service is used for your roof.

4) Our prices are affordable (and well worth the investment)

On a related note, there’s no reason not to use a professional roof cleaning service when the cost is so low compared to the potential cost of repairing or replacing a damaged roof.

You could easily save thousands of pounds by preventing a problem ever occurring, instead of procrastinating for too long and only dealing with it when it becomes a serious risk and the damage has become permanent.

5) We don’t affect your home insurance

A very important consideration is to do with your home insurance. The vast majority of providers will strongly recommend that you carry out regular maintenance on your roof.

This isn’t just advice – it’s a requirement that you really need to follow, because if you fail to carry out your duties and later put in a claim on your insurance, you may find that your cover isn’t valid.

Insurance companies can look for evidence that you have not maintained your home adequately (or lack of evidence that you have had it cleaned). They can then use this as a reason to decline your claim, leaving you with potentially huge and unexpected repair bills.

This is never worth the risk, especially when compared to the cost of simply getting your roof cleaned on a regular basis.

At BLUE SHIELD, we understand that doing a great job simply isn’t enough. That’s why we offer a free inspection to assess what’s needed to clean your roof, so you can judge for yourself that we know what we’re talking about before committing.

If that’s not enough, we’re happy to provide a sample clean so you can see the results in person, plus we guarantee we’ll arrive on time for your agreed appointment, and we’ll even guarantee the results of our roof cleaning services for a full year.

All things considered you have nothing to lose, but peace of mind is invaluable, and that’s what we’re really offering you.