K Rend Render Cladding Cleaning Services Before Facilities Management Cleaning

Confidence and peace of mind for at least 1 year, guaranteed.

We know your time is valuable. If we don't turn up, you get £25*.




We only have limited time for free sample cleans each week.


K Rend Render Cladding Cleaning Services Before Facilities Management Cleaning

Confidence and peace of mind for at least 1 year, guaranteed.

We know your time is valuable. If we don't turn up, you get £25*.

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We only have limited time for free sample cleans each week.


K Rend Render Cleaning Services

Render on your home is designed to look attractive, so it’s frustrating when it becomes stained, discoloured and even damaged over time.

Without regular maintenance or the use of professional render cleaning services, K Rend and other types of render tend to develop ugly black stains.

However, it’s not only the aesthetic value of your home that will suffer over time due to a lack of regular render cleaning. Did you realise that many of those stains are actually caused by living organic matter, which is actively damaging your home the longer it goes untreated, potentially leading to costly repairs?

K Rend Render Cladding Cleaning Services Before Facilities Management Cleaning

Another problem you might not realise is that standard pressure washing is far too aggressive to safely remove stains from render without causing damage to the surface. In fact, despite the common misconception that high water pressure is the only way to clean this type of exterior cladding, it is actually one of the worst things you can do.

BLUE SHIELD is proud to offer a much safer and more effective render cleaning service, achieving brilliant results at a reasonable price. Most importantly, our chemical softwash method ensures those results last for a long time and help extend the life of your render.

Thanks to our expert knowledge and high standards, you can be confident that you don’t have to worry about costly repairs (or put up with those unattractive stains again) any time soon. We even offer a free sample clean so you can see the amazing results for yourself.

On top of all that, we have two guarantees just to help with your peace of mind:

1) Our work is guaranteed for one whole year – if it needs cleaning again before that, we’ll do it for free

2) We promise we’ll arrive on time, otherwise we’ll give you £25 worth of M&S vouchers

Why do we offer these promises? The simple reason is that we know we can deliver amazing results, and plenty of our customers will tell you the same thing. However, we understand that your time is precious, and your trust needs to be earned. We don’t expect you to take our word for anything without the reassurance that you have nothing to lose.

What you need to know about render

Render is a popular choice for exterior cladding in the UK, with good reason.

The main advantage is aesthetics, since it creates a smooth, uniform finish on almost any type of exterior wall. This simple and attractive solution works well for new-build properties, but it is also commonly used to smarten up older homes and make them appear more contemporary. Some types of render are pigmented, while others can be painted to achieve the desired colour.

To make things easy, here are a few of the questions we often come across.

What types of render are used for house cladding?

There are many different types of render, including acrylic, mineral, polymer, cement, lime and silicone silicate. Factors that vary between different types include things like breathability, resistance to cracking, and (of course) cost. Regardless of how expensive your render is, however, you will always get better value for money by keeping it clean and healthy.

What is K Rend?

K Rend is a popular brand name and is often synonymous with render in general. However, it is not the only popular option in the UK, and even K Rend is available in different varieties.

What is monocouche render?

Monocouche is a term that comes from the French term meaning “single layer”. It is used throughout Europe and in the UK to refer to modern types of render which are specifically designed to be applied effectively with just one layer. This is in contrast to more traditional types which might need multiple layers to reduce the chance of cracking and ensure consistent coverage. The distinction is important when it’s being applied, but doesn’t have much effect on future maintenance.

What are the other advantages of render?

Aside from the attractive finish that render provides, it offers several other benefits. For one thing, it serves as an additional protective layer for the exterior walls of your home. It prevents the weathering effect normally caused by years of being exposed to the elements, and stops more serious problems like damp from penetrating the brickwork.

It also offers a degree of thermal insulation, which helps reduce both energy bills and the environmental impact associated with keeping your home warm. Sometimes this is preferable compared to adding internal insulation, since that might require sacrificing some useable space and/or rebuilding and redecorating walls inside the home.

Does render need cleaning and maintenance?

Render is considered relatively easy to maintain, and sometimes it is even advertised as not requiring any upkeep at all. However, many people fail to realise that cleaning and basic maintenance are important in the long term.

BLUE SHIELD’s process for cleaning render is designed to not only improve the appearance of the surface, but also (and perhaps more importantly) provide lasting protection from future staining and damage. We’ll go into more detail about our render cleaning method below.

Problems caused by render

Why render cleaning is essential!

Despite all the advantages of render, expecting it to be truly maintenance-free is unrealistic. Visible stains and weathering can start to occur, leading to a range of potential problems that you might not even realise.

1) Your home looks old and dirty

The obvious problem is that your house simply doesn’t look as attractive with ugly black marks and discolouration all over the walls. This has the direct opposite effect compared to what smart, well-maintained render is supposed to achieve. You’ve put a lot of time and money into your home, so you should be able to enjoy it fully instead of feeling disappointed every time you look at it from the outside.

2) Negative first impressions

If your home doesn’t look as nice as it should, you probably won’t be the only person (or even the first) to notice. This is especially true if your neighbours have paid more attention to keeping their houses looking smarter. Standing out in your area for the wrong reasons certainly doesn’t help with the perceived value of your home, which matters a great deal whether you’re looking at selling your property at any point or not.

3) Dirt can lead to serious damage

Do you know what causes the stains on your render? There may be a number of factors involved, but in most cases there is organic matter living on your walls. Over time, dripping rainwater (a problem made worse when you fail to clean out your blocked gutters) creates the perfect environment for moss to grow, and this in turn can lead to the growth of harmful algae and lichens which break down the surface. What looks like a harmless patch of dirt could actually be actively eating away at your home, and this needs to be dealt with immediately to reduce the potential damage.

4) Repairs and replacements are expensive

Eventually, if you leave your render in poor condition, it will become permanently damaged or discoloured. To refresh the look of your home and ensure the structure is protected from the elements, it might eventually be necessary to repair or fully replace the exterior render.

Depending on the type of render used, this is not necessarily unexpected after enough years have passed, but one of the best ways to ensure you get the longest possible lifespan from your cladding is to ensure you keep it clean. By using the safest and most effective techniques, you will reduce the financial risk of waiting for serious problems to occur and forking out for emergency repairs.

Why using a proper render cleaning service matters

Traditional pressure washing problems and risks

When it comes to the cleaning process itself, we know from our own experience that most people see pressure washing and exterior house cleaning as one and the same thing. Unfortunately, this misconception is dangerous for anyone who sees their home as a long-term investment.

The simple truth is that pressure washing is not a harmless cleaning method. It relies on brute force to separate dirt and organic material from your rendered walls, using water at extremely high pressure to blast the stubborn stains off.

If you’ve ever used a pressure washing service to clean your walls (or gone to the trouble of doing it yourself), you might have noticed a few problems:

  • The dirt and debris gets everywhere, and spores can actually spread even further after being blasted with the water jet and left to regrow on unprotected surfaces.
  • The stains and patches are only partially removed, usually leaving at least some of the unattractive residue behind.
  • The surface itself can be slowly eroded by the powerful water pressure, eventually leading to potential cracks, leakage and a lower level of weather-proof protection for your home.

These problems mean that pressure washing is at best a temporary solution to an ongoing problem, and at worst an irresponsible way to look after your home that actually does more harm than good.

BLUE SHIELD’s chemical softwash render cleaning method

Instead of using aggressive pressure washing to remove render stains, moss and other unwanted dirt, BLUE SHIELD takes a more sophisticated approach. We work in accordance with advice and best practices from some of the most innovative industry leaders, relying on chemical softwashing techniques which avoid the disadvantages of old-fashioned methods (and consistently produce much better results).

What are the advantages of softwashing?

The chemicals we use are specially formulated to be both safe and effective. People often react with concern when they think about using chemicals on the outside of their home, but it’s worth considering that your render gets exposed to chemicals every single day. When your walls come into contact with the organisms that grow on them, or even everyday rainwater, chemical reactions take place that ultimately lead to stains and damage.

What we do with our cleaning process is simply expose the render to a solution that sanitises and protects the surface instead. Our BLUE SHIELD method targets the organic matter and breaks it down, then a low-pressure rinse is usually required to lightly wash off all the residue. This offers several benefits:

  • Very high percentage of stain removal from render
  • Continues to visibly remove stains over several hours
  • No high water pressure, brushing or scrubbing required
  • Ongoing protection against organic regrowth lasts for several months

We understand that the appearance and ongoing safety of your home are both very important. The reason we do what we do is because we genuinely want to share our expertise with people who can appreciate the value of creating a good impression and want to enjoy the feeling of confidence in the long-term value of their home.

Our friendly, fully-insured BLUE SHIELD staff are experts in their field and proud of it, so we welcome any questions and work hard to make our customers feel completely comfortable. Our goal is to be your preferred long-term partner for render cleaning services, so whenever you think about protecting the outside of your home, you think of BLUE SHIELD.

We hope that gives you peace of mind and makes the process of keeping your home clean as simple and hassle-free as it should be. However, to make it even easier for you we’re pleased to offer our two-part guarantee.

1) We guarantee our results for a year, so you don’t need to worry about paying for cleaning again

2) We guarantee to arrive when we say we will, and if we’re late we’ll give you £25 of M&S vouchers

To speak to our experts about getting your home’s exterior render back to the condition it should be in, simply get in touch with us now to book an appointment. Hurry – availability is limited, but we’ll do our best to arrange something for the time and date that suits you the best.