K Rend Render Cladding Cleaning Services Before Facilities Management Cleaning

Confidence and peace of mind for at least 1 year, guaranteed.

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K Rend Render Cladding Cleaning Services Before Facilities Management Cleaning

Confidence and peace of mind for at least 1 year, guaranteed.

We know your time is valuable. If we don't turn up, you get £25*.

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We only have limited time for free sample cleans each week.


Expert Gutter Cleaning Services Designed to Protect Your Home

You might not realise how important it is to keep your gutters clean and properly maintained, but the risks are real and the consequences can be serious if you fail to do so. Gutter cleaning services are not all created equal, but at BLUE SHIELD, our expert team are fully trained and qualified to offer some of the highest standards of cleaning and protection in the UK.

Why do you even have gutters? It might seem like an obvious question, but not everyone can answer it accurately. Gutters should function as an important part of your overall roofing system. Their purpose is to guide rainwater away from vulnerable areas of your home’s exterior and into the drainage system at ground level.

Gutter Vac Moss Cleaning Services Before Facilities Management Cleaning

When you have a problem with your gutters that prevents them from working, your home is put at risk in several ways, including the following:

  • Water collects in your gutters, where it can penetrate your roof and walls
  • Damage and problems can spread to the inside of your home
  • The outside of your home looks unkept and unattractive
  • Overflowing water creates a safety hazard
  • Infestations of insects and rodents are more likely
  • Your gutter system can become permanently damaged over time
  • Your home insurance may be invalidated by lack of recommended maintenance

It doesn’t matter whether your gutters are made from plastic or UPVC (like most domestic gutters), or metal (typically iron or steel). They serve the same purpose, and are vulnerable to the same potential problems, but can also be cleaned in the same way by a professional with the correct equipment.

IMPORTANT: What’s the single biggest risk to avoid?

If you only take one piece of advice from us, make it this: DO NOT let a serious leak or damp problem become the first warning sign that you have a gutter problem. Nobody thinks they’re going to have an emergency with their gutters or have to pay for unexpected repairs, but unfortunately this will keep happening to people who aren’t prepared.

When it comes to gutter cleaning, the “out of sight, out of mind” attitude is your biggest enemy. But that isn’t to say you have to personally worry about your gutters every second of every day! In fact, that’s what we want to help you put an end to.

That’s why BLUE SHIELD offers a fantastic gutter cleaning service that you can rely on. A one-off clean might save you a lot of money in short term repair costs, but the real saving comes with a regular cleaning schedule, so you can truly relax and be safe in the knowledge that your home is protected. However, it’s important to understand the risks involved so you can have confidence that you’re taking the best approach.

What causes gutter blockages and problems?

Inevitably, debris builds up over time and causes gutters to become blocked, especially if you don’t undertake regular roof cleaning. This debris will include leaves (which start off dry and gradually decay), twigs, moss, bird droppings and sometimes even dead animals. These can lead to sanitation problems, especially if they end up blocking your downpipe or drain.

The main issue, however, is that this debris builds up in the gutter system and prevents water from flowing and draining away properly. In extreme cases, water can barely travel down the pipe at all, so it simply sits in your gutter and overflows when the rain gets heavier. Most blockages originate near the top of the system, since this is where most of the debris falls, and plants will usually grow upwards if they take root in your gutter or pipes.

Gutters that are blocked will not work properly, and from this point the problem will only get worse by itself. Standing water is heavy – potentially much heavier than the load your gutters are intended to support. If moss builds up, this also absorbs water and weighs more than you might think. This can result in sagging, and if the gutter is no longer level, its function is even more impaired.

The weight also leads to additional stress which weakens both the joints between gutter sections and the fittings that attach them to your wall. If gaps and cracks start to appear at the joints, then this leads to even more debris getting trapped and continues to make the problem worse.

How do I know if my gutters are blocked or need cleaning?

If you’re reading about these potential problems, you might be worried about whether your gutters are in a healthy state or not. Many people simply don’t pay them much attention on a day-to-day basis. This is completely reasonable – in fact, we want you to live your life without worrying about your gutters! But this is only advisable if you know they’re being monitored and maintained by experts like BLUE SHIELD.

Your first step should be to go outside when it’s raining heavily (or at least take refuge in your car!). Look at your gutters from the street.

  • Can you see any points where water is overflowing or cascading down?
  • Are there any places that water is running down the wall?
  • Do these points correlate with stains on your cladding or brickwork?

These are almost certainly indications of blockages, which come hand in hand with all the risks above. The water might also be splashing or pooling in certain areas at ground level – this is inconvenient if it’s creating large puddles (or maybe even small floods) around your home, but this can become very dangerous if it leads to ice or slippery moss patches.

What are the long-term problems caused by blockages?

Why professional, regular gutter cleaning services are essential

There are multiple ways in which blocked gutters can contribute to serious long-term problems. Without regular cleaning, these can occur over a long period of time, but you might not notice the consequences until it’s too late to avoid the damage.

  1. As we’ve explained, the main result of blockages is that water builds up in your gutters, instead of draining away like it’s supposed to. When the water collects over time it directly leads to various other issues.
  2. Water encourages plant life to grow and take over your gutter system. Aside from contributing to further blockages, plants with roots can infiltrate your brickwork or roof and slowly cause further physical damage.
  3. Plants and moss growing on your gutters, roof and walls make for an unattractive view. This is even worse if overflowing water is causing stains on your cladding or masonry. Nobody wants their home to be an eyesore!
  4. Insects, birds and even rats can take up residence in your gutter system if it becomes too full of debris. This makes it easy for them to go one step further and infiltrate your home, especially through the roof.
  5. Damp is one of the most difficult and expensive problems to get rid of. If damp spreads to the inside of your home, not only will you need to redecorate, but the structural integrity of your walls could be compromised.
  6. All manner of expensive roof problems can be caused by leaking water. This is another one of the main risks to your home, because roof repairs or replacements can be complex and involve working at height.
Gutter Vac Cleaning Services Before Facilities Management Cleaning
Gutter Vac Cleaning Services After Facilities Management Cleaning

How to identify and fix gutter cleaning problems

If you think you might have neglected your gutters, or you simply want to take action before you reach that stage, the first thing to do in all cases is to call an expert for advice. The BLUE SHIELD team are more than happy to offer expert advice over the phone, but we think it’s important to visit your home and make an assessment before recommending a course of action if you have any existing issues.

As a general rule, our typical process for getting your gutters cleaned would involve our vacuum suction system. In the majority of cases this is a very effective and efficient way to remove debris and eliminate the immediate risk of gutter blockages. Our staff are fully trained and equipped to complete this safely from ground level, vastly reducing the risk of accidents This also means you don’t need to check with your home insurance provider about your liability for anyone working at height on your property.

In some cases, it might be necessary to arrange for one of our team to access your gutting from a ladder and manually remove difficult blockages. We will also make recommendations if you need any repairs that are beyond our gutter cleaning service, such as joint sealing or replacement.

How to maintain and clean your gutters in the long term

Your gutters should be kept in a healthy condition to help protect your home. Healthy gutters should be both fully functional and visually appealing to enhance the overall look of your property. By keeping the risks under control, you stand the best chance of avoiding any sudden disasters.

In order to implement the most suitable strategy, you will need to consider a few factors. Here are some of the questions we get asked most often, and our recommendations based on years of experience.

Q. How often should I get my gutters cleaned?

A. Most domestic properties will benefit from having their gutters thoroughly cleaned at least one every year. Every six months is often the safest solution to minimise the risk of blockages. If you live in an area covered by a lot of trees, you may need more regular cleaning.

The real answer depends on your property and your preferences. At BLUE SHIELD, we recommend agreeing a regular cleaning schedule with us that suits you. That way, you can plan your regular maintenance in advance and put each appointment in your diary or calendar, so there’s nothing more to worry about. We’ll stay on top of it, and you can relax.

Q. When is the best time to clean my gutters?

A. As a general rule, the most popular time to ensure your gutters are clean is at the end of autumn/beginning of winter. This is the time when the leaves have recently fallen and can be easily cleared out, before the worst of the winter weather strikes.

The next best time is in the spring, providing an opportunity to check for any issues that may have started to develop over the winter months. Again, the more trees you have nearby, the more attention your gutters will probably need to ensure they’re kept clear and safe.

Q. I’ve lived here for a certain amount of time and never cleaned my gutters. Why bother now?

A. If you haven’t had a problem with your gutters until now, there’s a high chance that you’ve just been lucky! Perhaps your luck will continue, but you might have a sudden emergency. Remember: there’s no substitute for peace of mind. Don’t assume any future problem will develop slowly or give you plenty of warning – you might get a nasty shock.

Q. What else can I do to protect my gutters?

A. Some people choose to install gutter guards to offer some extra protection from debris. These are usually brushes that lay in the gutter, leaving no space for leaves etc. to collect, or mesh covers that go over the top of the gutter. These can’t be used in every situation, but are often somewhat helpful.

Q. I live in a terraced house – do I still need gutter cleaning?

A. If your house has any gutters, they should be maintained to reduce the risks outlined above, but we can’t say for certain how often this should be done without assessing your circumstances. Every home is different!

How our gutter cleaning service works

If you contact us for a quote, at BLUE SHIELD we always start with arranging to visit and assess your requirements. We guarantee we’ll turn up as planned (otherwise we’ll make it up to you with £25 worth of M&S vouchers), and we’ll give you a competitive quote for whatever cleaning needs doing to get your gutter system safe, clean and working well.

We use the most effective modern technology to get the job done quickly and cost-effectively. This involves using an industrial vacuum system which is powerful enough to suck up and remove all manner of debris, while our technician remains safely on the ground.

We consistently make a special effort to meet and exceed industry standards when it comes to training our staff and completing the work on your home. From the initial inspection to our review and recommendations at the end, we’ll make sure everything is handled professionally and safely to give you peace of mind.

The same applies for situations where we do need to use ladders and work at height to get the job done – we’ll make sure you’re fully informed and comfortable regarding insurance and safety. However, in the majority of cases we can reach inaccessible areas with no problem from the floor level thanks to our gutter vacuum system, and this offers superior results in less time compared to manually climbing up and removing debris.

Our calendar does tend to get filled up quickly with gutter cleaning, especially in the winter and spring, so contact us quickly to arrange your appointment! Our BLUE SHIELD experts will be more than happy to offer guidance and book in a free visit to assess what you might need.