K Rend Render Cladding Cleaning Services Before Facilities Management Cleaning

Confidence and peace of mind for at least 1 year, guaranteed.

We know your time is valuable. If we don't turn up, you get £25*.




We only have limited time for free sample cleans each week.


K Rend Render Cladding Cleaning Services Before Facilities Management Cleaning

Confidence and peace of mind for at least 1 year, guaranteed.

We know your time is valuable. If we don't turn up, you get £25*.

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We only have limited time for free sample cleans each week.


UK Experts in Exterior Building Cladding Cleaning

One of the first things you notice when looking at your house is the exterior cladding on the building, so stubborn dirt and stains can really let your home down. If you don’t use reputable cladding cleaning services like BLUE SHIELD to take care of this on a regular basis, over time you will notice the problem getting worse.

The look of your property isn’t even the most important aspect to consider here. Without proper cleaning and care, what looks like staining can actually turn out to be actively damaging to the integrity of your cladding. Emergency repairs might eventually be needed if you haven’t taken action in time. How does this happen, you ask? Because those “stains” are alive, and they’re eating your home.

K Rend Render Cladding Cleaning Services Before Facilities Management Cleaning

Perhaps you’re already aware that cleaning the outside of your home is just as important as the inside, but if you think pressure washing is the answer, stop what you’re doing right now and read below! High-pressure jets of water are not sufficient to clean and protect your home. In fact, this method is likely to cause physical damage to your cladding.

BLUE SHIELD provides a high-quality, safe and effective alternative. Our methods for cleaning the cladding on your house uses modern technology and simple chemicals, instead of aggressive spraying and scrubbing.

The end result is a brilliant finish that lasts longer, actively protects against future damage and saves you from worrying about the need for repairs further down the lines. This is made possible due to our expert knowledge and experience in the industry, but also because we care about doing a great job and helping you keep your home safe. After all, it’s probably your biggest and most important personal investment.

NOTE: If you’re here because you’ve heard about our fantastic guarantees, allow us to explain how it works.

Firstly, we guarantee we’ll arrive on time when you book a cladding cleaning service with us, because we know how important your time is. In fact, we’re so committed to honouring our appointment times that we’ll be happy to provide you with £25 worth of vouchers for M&S if we let you down.

Secondly, when we complete your cleaning service we guarantee the results will last for an entire year. If your cladding gets stained again in less time than that, we’ll come back and clean it again for free. We do this because the whole point is for you not to worry about maintenance, and just enjoy your home.

Important notes about exterior cladding

There are a lot of different types of cladding which are commonly found on domestic properties in the UK. It might be made from wood, plastic, brick, stone, metal, or a more complex composite of different materials to create the desired finish.

Cladding is primarily chosen to enhance the look of your home, and does not bear any load or support the structure of the building. Aside from the aesthetic aspect, cladding is also intended to provide weathering resistance and protect the walls of your house from the elements. Choice of cladding can also have an effect on other things such as insulation (and therefore energy efficiency), fire safety and so on.

What are materials are used for different types of cladding?

There are many common choices for domestic cladding in the UK, each offering different advantages in terms of attractiveness, ease of cleaning, protection level and other factors.

  • Timber is a viable option when the desired effect is a realistic timber frame look, without having to construct the entire building using wood. This traditional look remains popular and cladding can be a cost-effective and convenient solution.
  • Weatherboard is another option, often consisting of timber (or an alternative material) but finished with a weather-resistant surface which is usually smooth and simple. Vinyl weatherboard is also common in the UK. This creates an attractive, modern look and is very easy to keep clean with proper maintenance.
  • Vinyl is a similar option to weatherboard, known for being very easy to install, insulate and maintain. For modern-style buildings this is a very popular and affordable choice.
  • Stone is an alternative cladding option which is less commonly used due to its relatively high cost. However, for high-end domestic properties that call for a very traditional look, this is a great choice. Stone will almost certainly require careful maintenance to keep it looking attractive and clean.
  • Render is another type of exterior cladding which is popular for domestic homes throughout the UK. It’s a simple and relatively low-maintenance solution to provide a consistent and appealing finish. There are many types available, but in general, render cleaning services are highly recommended to keep your render in the best possible condition, avoiding staining and reducing the risk of long-term damage.

Even more options are available, ranging from metal (such as aluminium) to polystyrene foam, but these are less appropriate and rarely used for domestic properties. Needless to say, there are plenty of choices when it comes to cladding, so it’s no surprise that it’s a commonly-used solution – the only problem is how many people aren’t familiar with the cleaning requirements involved.

What does cladding cleaning and maintenance involve?

Depending on the material used for the cladding on your house, it will require some level of regular maintenance in order to maintain an attractive finish and extend its lifespan (i.e. the length of time before it inevitably needs to be repaired or replaced) as much as possible.

As a general rule, keeping your cladding clean and in a generally good condition will minimise damage over time and make it a longer-lasting, more cost-effective investment. You might be surprised how much impact everyday wear-and-tear can have over time if you ignore or neglect your cladding. It’s not just the direct impact of the weather that you need to bear in mind; other longer-term problems can occur if you fail to give the exterior of your home the proper care and attention it deserves.

Why is cladding cleaning so important?

Avoiding the risks and problems caused by cladding

Although cladding is low maintenance compared to some alternatives (such as exposed brickwork, which is more vulnerable to weathering), it would be wrong to assume that it doesn’t need some effort to keep it in the best possible condition.

Problem #1: Aesthetics

It can be easy to forget what the outside of your home looks like over time, and you might not notice dirt and stains until they become quite pronounced. This is a shame for anyone who takes pride in the appearance of their own home, but there are also more serious potential consequences.

Problem #2: Property value

It’s not just about enjoying the look of your own house. Other people notice it too, especially when your discoloured cladding stands out from the surrounding neighbourhood because you’re the only person on the street who hasn’t used a cleaning service in a while. As we all know, if you eventually come to sell your home then first impressions can make all the difference.

Problem #3: Damage from living organisms

Here’s one of the most important points you need to know about cladding, and exterior home cleaning in general: stains are not just harmless dirt. The dirt is almost always alive! Moss, for example, is a living organism. Moss is also a direct cause of more harmful organisms that work together to break down the materials on the outside of your house. Not intentionally, of course – this happens as a by-product of the chemical reactions that occur when they exchange nutrients with each other. Either way, it causes more damage the longer you leave it unchecked.

Problem #4: Damage from water

Depending on the type of cladding you have, it may be vulnerable to damage from dripping water over a period of time. This might be disguised by staining, but underneath the surface itself is being eroded. This is worse in cases where guttering is blocked with leaves and debris, as this tends to cause water to pool and overflow where it shouldn’t. Although your roof is the most at risk from this problem, gradual damage to cladding can also leave your walls exposed to the same issue.

So do I have to replace my cladding?

In most cases, probably not! It will have a lifespan of a certain number of years, so eventually you’ll need to replace it. But that time has not necessarily arrived just because you can see the signs of wear and tear. You can probably avoid the stress and expense of emergency repairs by taking a slightly more proactive attitude to maintaining your exterior cladding – this is certainly the case for most of the clients we help.

In fact, you might be amazed how much of a difference it can make when you use a professional cladding cleaning service to breathe new life into your home’s appearance. When you choose Blue Shield, the results are truly impressive because of the specialist approach we take to cleaning.

How our cladding cleaning method works

The BLUE SHIELD process vs. Basic pressure washing

It is vitally important to understand the distinction between different types of cleaning when it comes to the outside of your house. It is not simply a case of scrubbing hard enough or spraying water at high enough pressure. Unfortunately, not many people are aware of the risks and take this approach anyway!

The problems with pressure washing include (but are not limited to):

  • Damaging the surface of your cladding due to the high pressure
  • Contributing to damage and leakage which can shorten the life of your cladding
  • Limited effectiveness at removing visible stains and organic matter
  • Blasting the dirt all over your home and outside space, leading to potential regrowth
  • Lack of any long-term protection

So if pressure washing can be worse than doing nothing in some cases, why do so many people still do it? Well, it tends to have visible and instant results; almost any surface will appear much cleaner immediately after you attack it with a high-pressure water jet. It’s also easy for almost anyone to do without proper knowledge or training, so you won’t have to look far to find someone willing to offer you a pressure washing service.

However, our recommendation at BLUE SHIELD would always be to look at more sophisticated solutions. There’s no need to use aggressive water jets when you can get better results from a non-invasive chemical softwash – it’s just a case of understanding why the process is so much better, and who can deliver it for you (here’s a hint: Blue Shield can).

How our softwash service works for cladding

We clean cladding and other exterior surfaces using a special formulation that correctly balances a few simple chemicals. The solution works by simply breaking down all the undesirable dirt and killing the living matter that causes the visible stains on the outside of your home.

As a result, following some gentle rinsing at low pressure, the stains are removed and the surface is protected against further growth and damage. The improvement will be noticeable very quickly, although you shouldn’t be surprised if stains continue to gradually disappear over the course of several hours, as opposed to pressure washing (where what you see is what you get).

We generally find that softwashing offers a fantastic success rate for removing stains in just one process, although it can be used to strip off several deep layers of staining with multiple treatments in extreme cases. It completes the process with no requirement for aggressive scrubbing and brushing at all.

The unique advantage offered by chemical cleaning is the effective combination of both cleaning and protection. The solution continues to protect your cladding from dirt and stains for several months in most cases, and sometimes even up to a full year. This contrasts to pressure washing where UV protection and other protective layers are actually stripped off or weakened by the cleaning process.

Why BLUE SHIELD is the homeowner’s preferred choice

At BLUE SHIELD, our experts are fully trained and experienced when it comes to our safe and proactive cladding cleaning process. They love to help and share advice, so your questions are always more than welcome. We want you to feel at ease and have confidence in what we do, because you deserve to focus on enjoying your home instead of worrying about dirt, safety risks and maintenance.

The reason our team are so keen to help is because we understand and appreciate how much your home means to you. There’s no room for compromise when it comes to securing your future and minimising the risk of things like emergency repairs and replacements further down the line. It always pays to be prepared and relax with peace of mind, especially when it’s as simple as trusting our experts to handle it for you.

Having said all that, we also appreciate that if BLUE SHIELD is new to you, you may not have any reason to trust us over any other cladding cleaning provider. That’s why we’re proud of our guarantees:

1) Our work is guaranteed for 12 months, because we’re confident your home will look fantastic for at least a year when we’re finished. If the same problem comes back in that time, we’ll be happy to come back for free.

2) We also guarantee that when we commit to come and see you at a particular time, we’ll turn up as promised. Even if you just book us in for a free sample clean, if we fail to show up within the one-hour appointment slot we agree with you in advance, we’ll give you £25 in M&S vouchers to make it up to you.

Ready to speak to our BLUE SHIELD team about what we can do for you? Get your no-risk appointment booked in as soon as possible! Please be aware that we do have limited slots available, since our calendar gets full in advance, but we’ll do our best to allocate slots on a first-come-first-served basis.